Palm Gets Seductive With Latest webOS Tablet Tease I guess if HP thinks its webOS tablets are going to be the month’s best gadget porn, then this counts as foreplay: an oh-so-brief glimpse of the purported Palm slate peeking out from the shadows. Cheeky thing.

Of course, what we’re seeing in this video from Palm’s YouTube channel could be anything. But the accompanying text just happens to line up with next week’s much-hyped tablet event :

Thing big. Think small. Think ahead. Think beyond. February 9th, 2011.

So what can we glean from our brief glimpse? Not much. Curves! Buttons (on the corners)! Black! And… well, that’s it for now.

That’s okay, HP. You can tease me all you want, just so long as the buildup lives up to next week’s climax. [Palm]

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