Panasonic has decided to expand their digital camcorder range with a trio of new Dual Cameras, and for those who have a penchant for remembering hard-to-decipher model numbers, they are the HX-WA10, the HX-DC10 and the HX-DC1. All three of them will come in an easy-to-hold vertical design, which makes it a snap to capture full HD video as well as photos without having to switch between the two settings since you will benefit from individual video/photo capture buttons.

What makes the HX-WA10 stand out from the other two would be its waterproof capability, allowing you to operate underwater up to approximately 10 feet, while the HX-WA10 and HX-DC10 models will also come with Panasonic’s Backside Illumination (BSI) technology that lets you shoot videos even in poorly lit conditions – the scourge of every serious photographer.

All three of Panasonic’s new Dual Cameras are capable of recording video in the MPEG-4 AVC file format (MP4), making it extremely convenient to upload images to the Internet or for editing purposes on a computer later on. If videos are not your thing, you would do well to get a dedicated digital camera if you prefer taking photos, but to shoot simple images, the HX-WA10 and HX-DC10 can still salvage the situation with their 16-megapixel still photo taking capability, while the HX-DC1 does 14-megapixel shots.

Among the shared features that can be found across all three Panasonic Dual Camera models are :-

  • 2.6-inch wide LCD monitor for the HX-WA10, and 3.0-inch wide LCD monitor for the HX-DC10 and HX-DC1
  • Electrical Image Stabilizer to help limit blurry videos
  • Panasonic’s iA (Intelligent Auto) mode
  • Face Detection
  • Stereo microphones for clear audio recording
  • Mini HDMI Terminal for enjoying even more beautiful Full-HD resolution

Expect to pick them up from June onwards in a range of colors to suit your taste, as the HX-WA10 will come in black, orange, and blue; while the HX-DC10 is quite stoic in just black only; with the HX-DC1 coming in white, pink and dark gray.

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