Pepsi has figured out a way to tie-in social networking with their product once again with their Social Vending program.

I believe that this idea actually requires some special soda vending machines that have touchscreens and have to be connected to the Internet or a phone line of some type. Not only will these new machines let you buy a Pepsi product, but you will be able to send one to another location.

All you need to do is enter in your friend’s cell phone number, and soon a text message will appear on your friend’s mobile device that will contain a redeemable code to be used at one of the aforementioned special Pepsi machines. You can even send a 10-second video message, or even send a Pepsi product to a complete stranger at random. I’m not sure precisely how all this works or is supposed to work, but you can see Pepsi’s video presentation of this service after the jump.

Something tells me it will take a long time to get these special machines to every place where non-connected Pepsi machines are, but prototypes are planned on being on display from April 27 to the 29 at the National Automatic Merchandising Association’s One Show in Chicago. If there are enough people on this service, I would imagine that we are looking at the future of soda sales.


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