The dog days of summer are here. The heat is not going away soon. It does not matter where you are – beach, back yard, ballpark – they are all HOT.  Many times the heat of the day…or night…call for a perfectly chilled glass of your favorite white or red wine. But a couple degrees can ruin a good bottle. Don’t risk the frustration of having a great bottle floating in lukewarm chiller bucket. Or even worse, adding ice cubes to a great glass and ruining the flavor.

From Cabernet to Pinot Grigio, the perfect temperature can now be achieved with the Corkcicle.  The Corkcicle is a freezable gadget that ensures the perfect chill to your favorite bottle.  Simply place it in the bottle and the wine is chilled from the inside. Wash it and re-freeze it for the next bottle. Two hours in the freezer will get you an hour of flawless chilling time. Individually wrapped 3-packs are available so you can always be prepared or give them as gifts.

The Corkcicle is as low as $22.95 for one or $64.99 for a 3-pack.

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