Philips 2012 TVs Offer Full-Screen, Two-Player GamingPhillips’ new TV range has just been announced, and their best offerings let you rig up full-screen, two-player gaming by exploiting their 3D functionality, just like the Sony Playstation 3D display.

By providing players with differently polarized glasses, the left and right images of a 3D display can only be seen by the respective game players. Effectively, you see what one eye would see if you were watching full 3D video, but that means each player gets a full-screen view from just one display.

It’s the Philips 6000 and 7000 series that pack this feature — as well as coming with embedded Wi-Fi and, of course, 3D capability. The TVs should land in the second quarter of the year, though prices are still unconfirmed. Expect them to be expensive, though. [Pocket Lint]

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