Bringing stuff animals to life can either be cute, like in Mary Poppins, or horrifying, like in Akira.

The Pinoky is really nothing more than a claw with a magnetic grip which has the power to shake a part of stuffed animal. This includes an arm, a leg, or, if you are a snake, the whole body.

I will let you decide what the effect of the Pinoky is, but there is a video after the jump if you want to see it for yourself.

The Pinoky is designed by Yuti Sugiura, as a project of Keio University. I’m not certain if the end product is to make something therapeutic, or if someone really is trying to make stuffed animals wave. If so, it looks pretty fake, as I can see the Pinoky claw!

As you can see from the video, the Pinoky can be programmed to record a certain movement. There can even be a remote control, as well as accelerometer motion in place as well.

So, are we in for a Pinoky future? Will every teddy bear be wearing a Pinoky cuff soon, just so we can get them to wave? Well, I suppose that we will see, but I personally see a cool toy commercial for the Pinoky as soon as this is marketed.


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