I have reported on a lot of small submarines and other underwater vehicles that I could not afford.

This Platypus (named for an animal which is semi-aquatic) is a small underwater vehicle that is able to go above water as good as some underwater. As you can see, the drivers can sit on this thing below the waterline and control the Platypus from there. Of course, the drivers have to be wearing scuba gear, and the pontoons have some sort of integrated compressor which supplies air hoses.

The Platypus can travel up to 8 hours above the water at speeds of 10 to 12 knots, and if you go underwater, the speed is about 3 to 4 knots.

It definitely looks like a really fun vehicle for tropical vacations. This way, you can see some green turtles or other schools of fish up close and personal.

I’m not certain what would happen if the underwater gear of the diver drivers should fail underwater, but it looks like they can stand on that thing they are sitting on and take a breath.

Right now, the Platypus is just a concept vehicle for now, but I would imagine that it wouldn’t take long for this to be available to rent at the tourist trap public beaches.


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