Do you see hyperlinks around you? If you have answered in the affirmative, then you will most probably wish that the $279.95 Point and Click Dictionary is part of your arsenal when you read a tome or are fully engrossed in a new book. Basically, the Point and Click Dictionary is a pocket-friendly scanner which is capable of looking up and displaying word definitions on the go – sort of like a hyperlink to words in the physical realm. This does away with the need for you to thumb through large books or type entries, as the device can slide over reading material in a snap. There is also an integrated flip-up camera which will be able to scan any word with a single button press, and the definitions will be shown instantly.

Not only that, this little scanner that could will also deliver audible word pronunciations thanks to its built-in speaker, and the 2.4″ color LCD display at 320 x 240 resolution ought to be good enough to display definitions clearly. There are more than half a million definitions in the Point and Click Dictionary which are sourced from the Collins English Dictionary, and it also delivers translations to and from French, Italian, Spanish, and German courtesy of the award-winning Collins foreign language dictionaries. Other functions include MP3 playback, voice recording capability and a picture viewer.

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