I think we all know that parking in big cities is a problem that will get progressively worse. If we keep packing people into cities that are less than a square mile, there is only so much space where someone can park their car. As someone who has had problems parking in the big city, there has to be a solution.

In the movie I, Robot, a future is presented where cars park in front of a massive building, and a gigantic robotic arm picks up the car to store them away like bees in a hive. This particular Design Tower by Porsche takes that idea, but stores the cars horizontally.

Imagine being able to drive up to your multi-level condo, and then put your car on a robotic elevator. You will then be taken both vertically and horizontally to your designated spot, which is very close to your doorstep.

By the way, this tech already exists. This picture that you see is not a mock-up of the Porsche Design Tower, but Volkswagen’s Autostadt, a 20-story robotic parking garage in Wolfsberg, Germany.

This condo will cost $560 million to build, and have 57 stories. There will be 132 units, and some will have up to four spaces per unit. I would imagine that I would have to be super-rich to live in the four-car one, and I wonder if owning a Porsche is a requirement for being a tenant at this condo.


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