Getting the mood right in any situation is not easy at all, but in the movies, everything always falls into place, with the right kind of lighting and an orchestra backing you up. I guess in real life, creating moods is a far harder task, which is why there are always gadgets out there which can always get you off on the right footing. Enter the £24.99 Portable 256 Color Uplighter which comes in either black or white (to better suit your surroundings), it allows you to cast yourself in any light of your choice by cycling through the full spectrum of 256 colors. With a battery that can be charged via USB, this is the perfect portable mood lighter for any situation, even more so today as it is Valentine’s.

There is a touch sensitive color wheel that lets you select any color, or you can always opt to go random by letting it cycle through the entire range. Whenever the internal battery starts to wind down (you can tell as the light is not that bright any more – or stops completely), just plug it into any available powered USB port and you are good to go.

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