I have played the Portal video game before, but I haven’t tried out Portal 2 as yet. I have heard that it has some interesting robots that look just darling. One of them is Wheatley, a robot ball that is quite animated, and it has now come to life by username TRP-Chan.

I have a video of it after the jump if you want to see it in action, and I highly recommend that you do. Even though it is limited to a lap, this Wheatley is quite lively.

The puppeteer also does an amazing job of working out all the expressions on this little guy. Actually he isn’t little, but 12 inches across. There is a hole in back, and there are wires snaking all through the Wheatley ball to make it move.

Apparently, it has 10 quotes from the game, but honestly, I don’t know whether it is quoting them in the video. I would probably have to play Portal 2 in order to talk about it.

This is quite a DIY project, and TRP-Chan has been working on it since April. You can actually do it yourself if you follow this link, and have more robot puppet fun than Jim Henson’s Creature Shop.


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