hired non owned auto

hired non owned autoStaffing agencies could face serious consequences after an employee auto accident while driving a company vehicle. Hired non owned auto insurance can help protect staffing agencies from costs associated with employee auto accidents. There are numerous misconceptions about the possible ramifications of auto accidents. It is important to invest in insurance that covers non owned vehicles.

Potential Issues with Non Owned Auto Accidents

Many drivers are uninsured or underinsured. Drivers that operate a hired non owned auto while on the clock can put staffing agencies at risk. Even if the drivers that operate vehicles owned by the staffing firm are adequately insured, the drivers can still be involved in significant accidents in which they were not found at fault. In theory, a staffing agency could file a lawsuit against the driver who was found at fault in order to gain compensation for damage done to agency vehicles. However, winning a lawsuit and collecting necessary compensation can be two different endeavors. In addition, the entire legal process can be costly and time consuming.

Get the Right Insurance Instead of Going to Court

Bypass potential problems with the legal system and underinsured drivers by investing in hired non owned auto insurance. Filing an insurance claim is almost always much easier and more reliable than taking a guilty driver to court when seeking compensation for damages to staffing agency vehicles.