I am always looking for cute little items that are unique and different, not just because its my job, but because I always like to have some neat little trinkets laying around if the need should arise. Teacher gifts, thank-you’s, birthday greetings… heck, wouldn’t an original holiday card be fun? I am sick of candles, chocolates and beautifully boxed handsoaps – Isn’t there anything else?

There is now, this morning I came across Postcardens, lovely little cards that pop-up and grow a little desktop scene, with a tiny amount of  love and care. These postcards are printed with vegetable ink and simply require you to open them, spread the seeds, water the base, and place in a sunny area. In no time you will have your very own tabletop mini garden.

The London based company likes to think of their products as gifts for thoughtful givers. Personally, I just like to look cool. There is a nice variety in the card offerings, from a magnificent botanical garden, a winter wonderland, or to an overgrown backyard shed. Each one is the product of some pretty creative and talented folks. Aside from gift giving, your Postcardens could be used for marketing campaigns, wedding invitations or new product launches, especially since the company will entertain all kinds of custom work.

So next Christmas give up those old news musical cards and get with one that actually grows and will give its recipients some pleasure for weeks to come. For more information on pricing and custom orders, or to watch a video of a Postcarden “unfolding” please visit postcarden.com  To order cards in the US starting at around $12.50, visit our frinds at Uncommongoods.com


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