There are times when you need to let it all out – the entire day’s frustrations, and kicking the dog is not going to make things better (not to mention that it is downright wrong and cruel). Since you’re down and out on your luck and cannot afford a gym membership, how about something which offers a far more cheaper alternative? We’re looking at the £19.99 Power Tower Inflatable Punch Bag – this little puppy will not only help you burn calories and improve your co-ordination, it is also easy to stash away whenever you want to move to a different place.

It stands at 5′ 2″ tall when fully inflated (don’t worry, it comes with its own pump so that you need not huff and puff your way to a collapsed lung), where the base will help it remain stable as you fill it up with water and sand. Each time you let loose a punch, the weeble-like base keeps the Power Tower popping back up for more. Definitely far more “manly” than your standard class wuss. When done, deflate it and it can be flat packed for easy transportation – is this super convenient or what?

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