Love all things cheese, and can’t get enough of that stuff in your dishes? Well, surely you would do well with the Powered Cheese Grater, as this unique device is capable of automatically slice, shred, or grate cheese. Boasting a trio of interchangeable blades that produce wafer-thin slices of Parmigiano-Reggiano, airy flecks of Pecorino Romano, or silky strands of Manchego, all it takes is a simple press at the top of the device.

Capable of shredding up to two kinds of cheese simultaneously, you can create freshly grated blends in an instant, making sure your culinary offering will be the talk of the family for weeks to come. The cheese receptacle will be accompanied by a lid, offering convenient storage in a refrigerator. Measuring roughly the size of a pepper mill, this battery powered device is cordless for easier portability, working for up to 25 minutes after a four-hour charge thanks to the included AC adapter.

Apart from semi-hard to hard cheese, the Powered Cheese Grater is also good for grating nutmeg, cinnamon sticks, or similar spices. Both the blades and receptacle are hand-washable. Would you be willing to let the $59.95 Powered Cheese Grater grace your kitchen counter?

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