PowerSkin – the name that is a godsend for those who make heavy use of their iPhones, has now opened the door for owners of the HTC Sensation and HTC ThunderBolt to enjoy an additional boost of power as well as protection from the daily rigors of portable use. The HTC ThunderBolt is one of the first few 4G/LTE handsets out there, and one of its major drawbacks would be the huge power drain on its battery when on 4G networks. Having additional juice on hand is always useful, as you never know when you might need to make that emergency call without a power outlet nearby.

You basically get to enjoy twice the power thanks to the built-in batteries in the respective case, sporting an extra smooth finish on the outside which is made of shock-absorbing silicone, delivering maximum protection in the process.

The HTC Sensation PowerSkin is said to offer the HTC Sensation with, for the lack of a better word, a sensational battery life, letting you enjoy up to another 360 minutes of extra talk time, courtesy of its 1500 mAh of battery capacity.

As for PowerSkin’s HTC ThunderBolt skin as seen above, you will also enjoy a 1500 mAh battery capacity, extending your talk time by another 340 minutes. This skin itself was specially designed to accommodate the full functionality of the phone’s kickstand, while making sure the HDMI port remains accessible at all times.

Both skins will feature optically engineered camera lens window that makes sure your camera will function as it should without any unwanted interference. Not only that, it makes sure that there won’t be any more flash glare from the skin’s surface to spoil the composition of your photos. To juice it up, just plug in the charging cable into a laptop or wall, where the built-in smart technology will get to work right away – cleverly juicing up your handset before it gives the PowerSkin a jolt.

The HTC Sensation and HTC ThunderBolt skins will be out from the middle of this month onwards for $59.99 a pop.

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