I think that all of us have those mobile battery chargers for our cellular phone, in case we need that extra bit of juice. The problem is you have to remember to charge such devices, or you will be really screwed when you need them.

What if you had a battery that is powered on nothing but ordinary water? It is now named the Powertrekk, and it uses fuel-cell technology to convert hydrogen gas into electricity.

The secret is a thing inside the Powertrekk known as the Powertrekk Puck which holds the water and carries out the fuel based charge.

The Powertrekk is designed for USB powered devices, and you can use your USB charger on your mobile device for aiding in the charge.

I am sure that you are seeing the benefits of the PowerTrekk. I wonder if this company should use the slogan: “the last mobile charger that you will ever need to buy”.

The Powertrekk might be the answer to that age-old question for what you would have if you lived on a deserted island. Considering that I don’t need any sun or outlet, it has my vote. All I would need is a teaspoon of the water that surrounds the island. I’m not certain if I would have any cellular phone reception, but I would be entertained by a plethora of pre-loaded apps.

Of course, you will pay for this type of power, to the tune of $300. I still think that it is a good deal.


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