In any business sector, a proactive mindset brings positive results. However, this is particularly true in the hotel industry as well as in other hospitality-focused companies. Hotels must juggle many variables. While solid insurance helps should litigation occur after an incident, the best practice is to work at reducing the likelihood of any unfortunate accidents in the first place with a hotel preventive maintenance program.

What To Include in a Hotel Preventive Maintenance Program

Formulating a proactive accident prevention program for your hotel or hospitality-focused business is based on your expertise within your niche. Using common sense, you begin by addressing some of the most common potential problems such as:

  • Guest safety and comfort-Regularly check locks on all room doors as well as exterior doors. Install and periodically inspect a sprinkler system, and check batteries in all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Electrical system-Poor electrics may not only cause annoying power outages but also potentially devastating or even fatal fires. Regularly inspect all parts of your electrical system, and be sure to have a backup power supply in place.
  • Flooring-Install durable flooring that can stand up to heavy traffic. Make sure floors and any coverings such as carpets and rugs are in good condition to prevent slips and falls.

While the right hotel insurance is important, organized preventive maintenance can reduce risks of problems occurring. Keeping your guests and employees safe makes good business sense.