When it comes to the physical battle against the bulge, charting one’s progress is an extremely important move to make if you are to be as efficient as possible. However, some of us are absolutely hopeless in keeping records, such as keeping track of receipts and what not. With the $49.95 Progress Tracking Scale, perhaps you no longer have the excuse of not keeping track of your weight, as this particular device is able to do the dirty job on your behalf. Not only that, it is also capable of doing so for up to four people, now how about that?

The scale has its own internal memory that will be able to store your original weight, and it will automatically display the weight lost or gained and percentage of total weight lost or gained since the first weigh in, as well as the last time you actually stepped foot on the scale itself. All results are shown on a 3.75″ backlit LCD display, showing readings in pounds or kilograms. Time to learn how to chart a graph now, no?

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