For those of you who desire to take their iPhone 4/4S underwater to about 100 feet should look into this Professional Grade Underwater Housing.

This FourPro mount allows you to place the iPhone 4/4S in a waterproof housing, and it comes with some handles made of Teak that will give the user the opportunity to have a more stable shot. The design reminds me of the OWL-E iPhone video/audio rig that we reported on a while ago.

This is yet another one of those Kickstarter projects, which means that they need your money to get this gadget up and running. If you want to see more information about it, go to the FourPro Kickstarter page and see a little video.

Not to be too much of a spoiler, but it shows these men going underwater with sharks with blood in the water. If I was in their finned shoes, I would be less concerned about getting a gash taken out of me than my iPhone getting water damage.

If you are willing to wait until the video is over, you can see some beautiful underwater footage of some non-carnivorous sea turtles with music that sounds like it is out of Titanic.


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