Dredging insurance

If you work in the dredging industry, you know how difficult the job can be. Crews are often stressed by leaving their families for long times, living on a small vessel, with little to no outside communication for a week or more at a time. It can also be a dangerous life with a good amount of broken bones, battered bodies, and recurring illnesses. But did you know there is dredging insurance available to you and your company?

A Tough Occupation

Many consider dredging one of the most difficult jobs out there. Fighting the bitter cold, blinding wind, and fierce winter rains while battling the bouncing waters to dig deep into the watery ground and remove


Dredging needs to be done on rivers, coastal ocean inlets, lakes, and harbors. With each area comes its own unique danger for both the crew and the ship.

A Diverse Package

Insurance coverage can be found for barges, tug boats, and dredging cranes. Packages can also be located for pollution skimmers, underwater equipment, clamshells, marine tools, and even floats. Underwriters claim dredging packages are a difficult project, so if you have questions, feel free to contact your maritime insurance agent. Being on the water carries a much different risk than land. Be safe – carry dredging insurance.