Protections Offered With Prior Acts Coverage

prior acts coverage

Protections Offered With Prior Acts Coverage

Every standard insurance policy offers coverage for events that occur while the policy is in place. However, it is wise for some professionals to seek out protection for claims that could arise related to events that unfolded before a policy was in place. Attorneys belong to a profession where this type of coverage is especially prudent. Before you apply for prior acts coverage, make sure you understand what is included and excluded from the additional coverage.


According to Huntersure insurance professionals, the coverage offered in prior acts policy additions usually includes the following.

  • costs for legal defense
  • damages and claims
  • infringement of copyright
  • worldwide coverage

When you obtain this coverage, it applies to events that occurred before your current policy came into effect. If you have never had a policy that covered these events, some insurance companies will not want to offer prior acts in addition to your plan.


Equally important as the coverage you get is the coverage you don’t. These are specific exclusions you will often find from prior acts coverage.

  • false advertising and fraudulent acts
  • trade secrets and patents
  • damage to property or bodily injury
  • information for personal identification

When a claim arises, you should know exactly what you can expect your policy to take care of. With a prior acts component in your policy, you can be certain about receiving relevant protections for a specific time prior to your current policy.