At one time, it was safe to say that grave markers had remained virtually unchanged for a great many years. They either simply marked an area not to be disturbed or let us know who, and perhaps when the person departed this Earth. I admit that on ocassion, whilst walking through a cemetary I was curious, I would have liked to have known more about the person, or family interred there. I guess I wasn’t the only one.

Well now being dead is no reason to give up your Facebook page. A company in Seattle Washington is creating a brand new type of headstone which connects the living to the dead with QR technology. Their Living Headstone memorials have a digital link embedded in a traditional headstone that takes its users to a Facebook style webpage containing information that you and friends add about your loved ones, such as: an obituary, history, photos, or even comments by friends and relatives, heck, you can even share content via Facebook or Twitter.

These special links can be built into new headstones from the Quiring Company for about 75 bucks or they can be applied as an after market item to existing stones for around $150.00. These codes can also be applied to urns, so cremated dead folks don’t have to miss out on all the fun, and to benches, memorials, and plaques, or anywhere our departed would like to be respectfully remembered.

The price of the Code Links also come with a lifetime subscription to the Living headstone personal webpage… a lifetime subscription? hmm. How does that work? Please visit to watch a video, get more information or have a visit with designers. I’m in! Now I just have to decide… urn, or stone?


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