Some of you might remember that we just covered the McCar, a car that has a scooter in back. Imagine a scooter that drags something that is the equivalent of the space of a car.

This is the QTvan, and it is designed specifically for scooter users. You can see how it attaches behind to be dragged behind this guy, and I suppose that one could use this for some serious short trips. It has a range of only 30 miles, and can go only six miles per hour.

It really has a lot of interesting features inside like a 19-inch flat-screen television, radio, alarm clock book shelves, and a full sized single bed. It also has a “tea-service”, but I’m not certain what that means. However, it comes with a kettle.

What I don’t know is what powers these nifty features. I am assuming that an extension cord will have to get involved with this, and something has to power that scooter as well.

This might be a terrific way for a blogger like to travel the nation, but I will have to admit that its limited range is an issue. I also have to bring up the security of the QTvan, as it looks like anyone could get in and swipe the TV.


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