When it comes to gaming peripherals, you know you can’t go wrong with what Razer has to offer. After all, this company has long been a champion of gaming peripherals that just ooze with quality, and their latest foray into a video game franchise ties up with the surefire hit – Battlefield 3 from publisher Electronic Arts. Well, there will be a mouse, hard mouse mat and Xbox 360 controller that will also sport the Battlefield 3 branding, but for now, we will concentrate on the Razer Battlefied 3 BlackWidow Ultimate mechanical keyboard.

At first glance, it does seem to be rather familiar to most of you, don’t you think so? Especially when you consider the fact that the BlackWidow Ultimate mechanical keyboard has already been in the market, but this time around you will get Battlefield 3 branding all over it to make sure that whoever stumbles upon your gaming rig will know how big of a fan you are of the particular series.

It does not matter just what role you are going to play in the Battlefield 3 game – whether you are hard at work raining thunder behind enemy lines on a fighter jet, or simply shooting holes at the enemy base using a tank to make sure their defenses are more porous than Spongebob Squarepants, or playing the bit-part role of a fearless infantry unit, the Battlefield 3 Razer BlackWidow Ultimate gaming keyboard will not fall short when duty calls.

It has a full-fledged, heavy-duty mechanical key infrastructure that delivers crisp, tactile feedback as well as faster keystroke actuation to your gameplay, and if you are the type who loves playing in a dimly lit room, then the keyboard is fully backlit – letting you get your game on without disturbing anyone else in the vicinity with the clickety-clack sounds of keys being pressed.

As with most of the other Razer products, this one is always more affordable to purchase Stateside than in Europe, since the figure remains the same, just the currency differs. At $139.99/€139.99 a pop, the Razer Battlefied 3 BlackWidow Ultimate mechanical keyboard can be yours this coming October 25th. Anyone interested?

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