I know that Batman has plenty of toys for him to play around with, just as he has women. Good thing his toys will not feel a tinge of regret as Bruce Wayne meets up with Tony Stark over a round of drinks in order to discuss their “conquests” over the past few weeks, and we have seen Batman’s fair share of big boys’ toys over the years. I suppose an amphibious car is not too much to ask, and surely this $99.95 RC Amphibious Car could prove to be a decent first prototype or seed of an idea for him to work on?

Basically, the RC Amphibious Car is a remote controlled car which is not only capable of driving over land, but it is also very able to traverse over water with equal facility. Fifteen pronounced treads specially arranged in a herringbone pattern on each of its 2″-wide tires will be able to give the RC Amphibious Car enough traction when it is on land, while it has a large enough surface area which paves the way for buoyancy on the water, allowing the treads to function like a series of paddles which in turn are able to propel the car forward, backward, left and right.

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