Relax, Nokia's Monday Announcement Has Nothing To Do With MicrosoftBoth Nokia and Microsoft have scheduled big announcements for Monday, and since the two companies are all buddy-buddy when it comes to smartphones, many are speculating the announcements are actually connected. But as AllThingsD points out, they’re probably not.

Over the past couple of days Nokia has been posting teaser images on its US Facebook page branded with Monday’s date. But the teasers include images of Hawaii—which has the 808 area code—and a Roland drum machine that’s more specifically known as the TR-808. Hmm, what else is called the 808? Oh, that’s right, Nokia’s 41-megapixel PureView smartphone which isn’t actually available in the US just yet. So it’s a safe assumption that’s probably going to change come Monday, as these teasers seem to be strongly hinting. And as for that Nokia-built Microsoft tablet, stranger things have happened. [Facebook via AllThingsD]

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