Just to let you know, that guy sitting in the driver’s seat isn’t me, but I did get to go after him. Man, I am glad that I did.

This was the Fourth Dimensions Displays (ForthDD) booth at E3, and it took me for a ride. I would say literally for a ride, but it was only virtually. In my little Matrix, I was a race car driver. My viewer was in 3D, so objects in the virtual space like my steering wheel and the other cars seemed to be distant. I could turn my head, and it was like I was turning my head in actual reality.

What really sells it is I really felt like I was in motion. In the game, I kept crashing into the other cars, which thankfully resulted in undamaged nudges off the track. I kept going out of control, and I think I know why. Other cars were hitting me from behind. Too bad that I didn’t have any side or rear-view mirrors. That was my only limitation, but otherwise, I felt motion-sick afterward (this is a good thing).

In all honesty, I don’t really understand why we don’t have this type of technology in every home. Part of it has to do with the high cost of the equipment, as that headgear I am wearing costs a whopping $5,000. Still, I seem to recall the early nineties, and I felt like we were promised this virtual reality world that never did come to being. Instead, we got MMO games and social networking.

If you want to know more about Fourth Dimension Displays, check out their official website.

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