Residential Options for seniors

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Residential Options for seniors

As your parents’ age there may come a time when you might have to make some difficult decisions. When it’s no longer safe for people to live alone they may need to move to a residential facility. Fortunately, there are many different types to choose from.

Independent Living Facilities

One of the most sought after options are those where people can still live on their own but have a number of different support systems. There are many different types of independent living facilities, but generally, people live in their own unit and utilize common areas and facility resources as needed. Some places might offer meal services and some may not.

Assisted Living Facilities

These kinds of facilities provide residents with daily assistance for a number of different things. These can range from simply distributing daily medications to performing all hygiene needs. The type of assistance needed will vary for each individual. Experts at Caitlin Morgan Insurance Services can advise you on what type of facility might work best for you and your family.

Medical Care Facilities

There are a variety of medical facilities, most of which have specializations such as memory care or terminal care. These facilities provide assistance for all daily living needs and staff will possess medical certifications to ensure appropriate care is given.

It’s important to find the facility that will work best for each individual and their family.