Some of you might remember when we reviewed the iPad Handstand, a way of putting the iPad on a frame so it can be held with one hand and easily rotatable. As I recall, this Handstand might not have been available for the iPad 2, but the REV360 is made for both models.

Like the Handstand, it has a rotating disk that allows you to spin at 360 degrees with some clicking action, to easily go from portrait to landscape.

In addition to this winning feature, the handle is so constructed so that when the REV360 is on the table, it is at an angle. This is good for typing on it, or watching a video.

Another feature is it has a hard back cover which is perfect for protecting against scratches. Did I mention that it is eco-friendly, being that it is made with 100 percent recycled plastic and resin? It is.

You should be able to purchase the REV360 for the iPad and iPad 2 at the Hub Innovations site for about $49.95. They come in several colors including white, black, pink, orange, green, blue, copper, gray, navy, and red. There are even more diverse options like animal print, carbon fiber, and digital camouflage. It is also available with a Smart Cover compatible option.

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