When you mention the word “robot”, what comes into your mind? Most of us would have thought of characters from Transformers, or even Go-Bots (if you know what I am talking about, then you’re about in the same age bracket as me), and perhaps even the Terminator. Those who think that Chucky is scary enough might want to check out this particular robot that mimics a human baby, positively sending chills down my spine when I look at the YouTube video of it in “action”.

Created by the UK’s Chris Clarke, this robotic baby will writhe around, struggling in its crib in such a convincing manner that we have taken yet another step closer to the uncanny valley. This is one baby that I hope it will never grow up, and someone might just make a new genre in movies – techno-horror, where robots like these go on a murdering spree, only to have good ol’ Chucky intervene and save the day for us humans. I won’t diss those dolls anymore, I promise, as there is an even greater nemesis out there now.


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