When it comes to computer games, you know for sure that gamers do take their “specialty” seriously, and it more often than not entails the kind of hardware that only the best money can buy, whether said piece of hardware is located inside the chassis of the computer, or the peripherals on the outside. One computer peripheral that has a pretty long tradition of attracting the attention of computer hardware manufacturers would be the mouse – the gaming mouse has come in many different forms and designs over the years, and here we are with yet another interpretation from German gaming peripherals manufacturer, ROCCAT Studios.

The mouse that we are talking about is the ROCCAT Lua Tri-Button Gaming Mouse, where it has been described as “The Classic 3-Button Mouse: Re-Mastered”. Just what kind of a gaming punch is the Lua able to pack? We are talking about an advanced piece of gaming engineering that has been slapped onto a sleek and clean ambidextrous form (southpaws will definitely rejoice at this bit of news for sure!), resulting in a comfortable fit for every gamer’s hand. Mostly, anyways, as the Hulk will probably smash the computer into smithereens.

René Korte, ROCCAT Founder and CEO, said, “We took the beloved three-button mouse design and injected it with our innovative gaming engineering – and created a killer tool that gives props to the past while heading boldly into the future. The Lua delivers everything gamers need for control, comfort and style – all in a sleek and slim design that offers perfect comfort for every hand.”

The Lua will feature an advanced Pro Optic R2 sensor that offers a choice of seven DPI settings – 250, 500, 1000, 1250, 1500, 1750 and 2000, allowing gamers to play with accuracy at the speed that matches their own style. Not only that, there is also the presence of a dedicated DPI button which enables one to easily change speeds in the heat of battle, and you can even opt to program the button to switch only between the DPI settings that you use the most.

As for its ultra-precise 2D scroll wheel, you are able to deliver the wheel command with absolute precision, since each incremental step locks securely into place. This means there is no need to worry about over-scrolling even in the heat of battle. Expect the ROCCAT Lua to arrive at shelves internationally by July or August this year at a mere $29.99 a pop.

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