This is the Rollerphone, and it is currently a concept watch/telephone, but can do two things which are quite revolutionary.

The first is the pull-out screen which is good for making and taking phone calls. You can see in the image here that it is located on the back of the watch, and the user puts it to their ear to conveniently speak and listen.

As for where the front of the watch, the time is projected on the user’s wrist with a tiny projector. I have an image of that after the jump if you want to see how that works.

I suppose that selling a phone or a watch is difficult, as most features have been done before, but either of the two that I would have described would revolutionize either industry.

Especially the pull-out transparent screen. I’ve heard that technology has been under development by many big electronics companies for quite some time. If so, then I would imagine that the rollout screen has some other uses than just a phone dialer.

Yes, once those rollout display screens get developed, then we will see a lot of technology that will be similar to the Rollerphone. Of course, this is really just a concept, at least for now.


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