You know how kids like to play in large boxes? Someone has actually created a toy that not only encourages this, but makes a whole lot more fun.

This is the Rolobox, and it is essentially four wheels and a rope, designed to turn any big box into a wagon. It’s a wagon that will probably only work on specific indoor terrain like a tiled floor, but can still provide hours worth of fun for a toddler.

Is it just me, or am I only one doubting whether this will actually work? First of all, it involves boring a hole in a cardboard box to make certain the wheels stay in. Hopefully, the stress of being wheeled around won’t cause the holes to get bigger and thus the wheels will fall out. I really doubt that rope will hold if that is the case.

Also, can those wheels and the box bottom really hold the weight of a child? Something tells me it would sag and drag.

I would really need to try out this product to see whether it would work. Actually, my kids would have to try it out, but hopefully my kids wouldn’t get hurt in the process.

If you want to try it out, then you should be able to get this Rolobox Reusable Wheel Kit from Amazon for about $13.95.


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