Robots. Not only will they eventually take over the world, but they can lift more than us by several hundred pounds. RonI’s MechLift System is just another reminder that I am not in shape, and will never be able to lift as much as this.

The MechLift Electric Manipulator is a giant grappling arm that rides on a set of overhead rails. It has a telescoping aluminum pole with a vertical lift range of over six feet, and it can pick up objects as heavy as 1,400 pounds.

It has a changeable gripping head that is capable of lifting loads like the rolls that you see in the picture, and awkward loads like a giant flat door. Controls are done via joystick, and it looks like there is a screen there too.


You know, I used to work at Wal-Mart stocking shelves. I found that there were loads that were difficult to lift, and I wish I could have a machine carry it for me. I am dreaming of a retail store where on the ceiling is a series of rails, and there are seveal MechLift arms roving around at any given time.

Yeah, that’s where it’s at. Perhaps these robot arms could do the stocking for the big items, and maybe lift the heavy items for the shoppers.

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