Ronin: Sunday Night Is Car Chase Night Tonight, you are presented with a choice of what to watch: Olympics coverage for events you either live-streamed already or saw the results of on Twitter, or Robert De Niro taking the throttle in one of the most under-appreciated heist movies of the last 20 years. If it helps sway your opinion, I promise that Ronin has lots of vroom vroom cars go fast.

It’s not just the car chases that should motivate you into Ronin‘s arms, it’s the cast. De Niro before he went paycheck-hunting. Jean Reno (The Professional) making you hate France slightly less. Sean Bean before you’d ever heard of Winterfell. And a 1998 Audi S8 quattro—with nitrous—moving very quickly through European streets.

So yes, the choice is yours. Retreads of other countries winning medals? Or two hours of theft, speed, and violence? You’re welcome. [Netflix, Amazon Prime]

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