Does anyone out there fondly remember the good old days? When you could walk into a bar or diner and for a single quarter pick a few songs you’d like to listen to while hanging out? I remember knowing all the number letter combinations to my favorite songs by heart. Ah the trouble I could get into when someone played D-20…

Well, if high tech has it’s way, which it usually does, Roqbot will change the face of customer guided music content at many venues around the globe. Forget the good old Jukebox… patrons at Roqbot locations can just use their iPhone or Android music app to check in, find out what’s already playing, request songs, vote on the queue, and see the venue’s specials. Ultimately, customers will be choosing the music experience at that location.

Old fashioned jukeboxes take up a lot of space, and I guess by today’s standards they have a pretty limited selection, and maybe it does leave the smartphone generation without the personalized, mobile experience they expect. With Roqbot, users can easily pick out the songs they want to hear while out at bars, clubs, restaurants, or stores, right from their smartphones. Is there anything left that we eventually won’t be needing smartphones for?

Roqbot is also announcing the new Roqbot Mix Machine, which melds both customer and venue preferences to create custom playlists for businesses.  No more Muzak, business owners will actually know exactly what their customers want to hear and be able to provide the atmosphere they want. For folks that are hoping to have a Roqbot venue in their area, the new Jukebox Reborn campaign lets everybody suggest Roqbot to their favorite local businesses via Facebook. So go ahead and party on guys, just don’t play  D-20… I’m not sure I could handle it anymore.


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