Rumor: iMessage and AirPlay Mirroring on the Table for Mac OS XIt’s easy to be jealous of some of the cool mobile-only apps and functions in iOS 5 that aren’t available on OS X. But rumors have two of the more desirable ones—AirPlay mirroring and iMessage—in development for a future OS X release.

The iMessage rumor we’ve heard before, but now the word is that it’s in simultaneous development as an integrated iChat feature and a standalone app. Either or neither may see release, but with it being so talked about, it seems like a good bet that some version of it will make it into OS X at some point.

The Mac AirPlay mirroring would work exactly the same as it does in iOS: You’d be able to wirelessly connect your computer to an Apple TV and display exactly what’s going on on your screen. We’ve been able to mirror for a few years now on PCs with WiDi, so it would be a welcome and somewhat overdue addition to the Mac.

And as long as we’re talking about cool iOS features that I wish were on the Mac, I’d like to request Find My Friends, which I’d use to erect a wall of friend-finding monitors in my apartment to track everyone I know like The Dark Knight. Can someone see about making that happen? [9to5mac]

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