Some of you might remember when we covered the Biscotti, which enables HDTV video chats. Samsung recently unveiled a similar product with the inTouch.

The inTouch is a 3 Megapixel camera that is designed for video chats, and a lot more. Unlike the Biscotti, which allows for communicating with GTalk members and other Biscotti users, the InTouch uses Skype, a very popular video chatting application.

The inTouch also comes with a remote control that has a QWERTY keyboard plus a numerical one. This is also an improvement over a Biscotti, as the remote only allows for arrow keys and makes it very difficult in setting up or entering in contact information. This keyboard will enable you for web browsing.

Yes, the InTouch allows you to surf the web as well as send or receive emails. In one press of a button, you can have access to news, weather, horoscopes, and even more. You can also upload, archive, and view photos with family and friends. By the way, do you want to watch some YouTube vids? It’s there too.

The Samsung InTouch is one product that I would love to have in my living room. I’ve already compared it to the Biscotti, but something tells me that soon every consumer electronics company is going to come out with something like this.

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