Las Vegas is the landing strip for many a gadget at CES 2012, and Samsung does not want to miss out on the party with their spanking new Wi-Fi Video Baby Monitor which delivers industry leading design, technology and security in a single device. New parents might find it especially useful, while the older parents (or those who already have a few kids) will probably give a gander at this and go, “Meh!” while continuing their lives with their gut instinct (and experience, of course). Still, those who want to follow the adage that it is better to be safe that sorry might want to see what Samsung’s Wi-Fi Video Baby Monitor brings to the table (or home, rather).

This “third eye” of sorts might prove to be the ultimate solution in helping parents keep an eye out for their kids even when they are in a different room. Samsung wants to ensure that you have a pleasant experience right from the get go, by offering free apps for mobile platforms, including the Android and iOS operating systems, enabling parents to adoringly look at their little bundle of joy from the camera lens regardless of where they are – and using nearly all the common mobile devices that we tote around these days.

Samsung is said to spare no quarter with the Wi-Fi Video Baby Monitor by throwing in “the latest in wireless and IP technologies right in the palms of parents’ hands” in a manner that is simple and yet flexible. This IP-based camera will come with an effortless one-touch button that will seek out and automatically pair the device to a wireless home network in under half a minute without the need to install any software. You follow that up by register your camera with, and from then on, you can view the person who matters to your from right in your home or anywhere in the world.

Just make sure you have a decent Internet connection before doing so. There is no limit to how many cameras that you want to add to an account, and in order to help you keep things organized, you can register, label and view live footage from each using their own login. The Wi-Fi Video Baby Monitor measures just 1.25″ thick and 3.15″ in diameter, and has a swiveling bracket so that you can mount the device to a wall. Non-visible infrared LEDs will pave the way for you to observe the latest addition to your family even in complete darkness, now how about that? Samsung will sell the Wi-Fi Video Baby Monitor for $149 a pop as it hits the market this March, and it can even automatically record video (640×480 / 30fps / H.264) when motion or sound is detected.

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