Samsung Will Obliterate Apple with This Very Lame Super Bowl Ad Samsung doesn’t seem to be able to beat Apple in their legal copycat battle. But at the very least, they’ll have this slightly insulting, mostly obvious, certainly expensive Super Bowl ad to help propagandize. War is all hell.

The commercial—a clip of which you can watch above—portrays Apple fans as (ironically?) poorly-groomed, zealot sheep. They watch unboxing videos! Ah ha ha ha. But watch out, archetypes: here comes a Samsung Galaxy S II owner, who is for some reason using voice turn by turn directions as he walks down the sidewalk! Samsung then throws out a cringe-inducing zinger: “We just got Samsung-ed!” Well.

I can only assume the rest of the ad shows the iPhone fans gouging their eyes out and vomiting bile as they’re revealed the Holy Smartphone Truth, too powerful for their drone-like minds to comprehend. They’ll get Samsung-ed so hard, man. So hard. [Business Insider]

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