I wake up every morning at 6 am and while the rest of the house is still fast asleep I have a quiet bowl of cereal while I ponder my day, Sure I’d like a more substantial breakfast sometimes, but I don’t want to make a mess in the kitchen and I don’t want to spend too much time rattling around, I especially don’t want to wake them up and ruin my quiet time.

Well, now enjoying a hearty breakfast is easy! Nostalgia Electrics (the folks that bring us many kitchy cooking items) introduce us to the 50′s Breakfast Toaster & Griddle. This bread and bagel toaster features a wide 2-slot toaster and, wait for it.. a flip down griddle all in one cute and compact appliance. It’s perfect for a dorm room or small apartment (Although I’m leaning towards keeping it on my desk at work) and the non-stick griddle heats up to 450 ° and features a removable grill plate and drip tray for easy cleaning.

The unit measures 6.8″ W x 8.2″ H x 13″ D so it will fit anywhere a regular toaster will, and the variable temperature controlled griddle even has a separate on/off switch for those mornings when toast will suffice. The toaster itself features a cancel button to prevent your precious toast from burning and the electric cord stows easily by wrapping it around the bracketed base.

Yup, I can see one of these in my future… but I’m not going to limit myself to just bacon and eggs… I’m going to be at my desk making frajitas and some shrimp stir fry, that should allow me to annoy people even more than usual.

The Nostalgia Toaster & Griddle is available for under 30 bucks at  www.amazon.com

source: nostalgiaelectrics.com

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