Bass is definitely the base line for songs, and even though I am musically deaf and the only kind of keyboard which I am able to ‘play’ with is the computer keyboard, I do appreciate the deep bass tones in songs, especially compositions that have a guitar or two in them as well. Having said that, most of the modern portable devices we own such as notebooks, netbooks, smartphones, portable consoles and tablets do come with built-in speakers, but when it comes to the performance of its bass levels, they are really suspect.

Scosche Industries, the award-winning innovator of consumer technology, intends to remedy the situation by announcing the availability of the new spanking Scosche bassDOCK. This particular speaker dock will cater for iPads from both generations, although I am not quite sure whether Scosche has inside information on the next generation iPad which is said to roll out sometime in early March this year, and will it be forward compatible? Only time will tell.

This particular adjustable speaker dock can tilt and rotate for both landscape and portrait viewing angles, while bringing a 2.1 sound system with 40mm stereo speakers wherever you go in order to deliver smooth mids and brilliant highs. Not only that, Scocsche has also thrown in a 3″ subwoofer that delivers rich and powerful bass. According to Kas Alves, Executive Vice President of Scosche Industries, “The bassDOCK transforms the iPad into a complete entertainment system. It provides the power, sound system and flexibility to make your movies, music and games come alive.”

Not only that, bassDOCK users are able to juice up their iPad or iPad 2 as they watch, play games or listen. The dock delivers 10 Watts (2.1 Amps) for the fastest charge possible, and if you are interested, you can pick it up for $149.99. Sure, this is definitely not the most affordable iPad speaker dock at all, but I am quite sure your ears will appreciate those MP3s and movies even more once it is plugged in.

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