Scosche's iPad Mount Gives You the In-Car Entertainment Center You Couldn't AffordThey’re a great way to silence a car full of screaming kids, but in-vehicle entertainment centers are an expensive option. So assuming you’ve already sprung for an iPad 2, Scosche’s backSTAGE pro II mount is a cheaper solution to peaceful rides.

Like most mounts it’s designed to attach an iPad 2 to the back of a vehicle’s front seats, but instead of nylon straps or other less-than-secure solutions, it’s got a strong aluminum pivoting mounting bracket and a sturdy-looking case. A thin and discreet 12-volt power cord can be easily hidden under carpeting or floor mats to keep the iPad running for your entire trip, while an infrared emitter allows passengers to privately listen with a set of wireless headphones.

The mount will even let you easily remove just the iPad 2 housing, leaving the other hardware still attached to the vehicle’s headrest. And like I mentioned previously, as long as you don’t factor in the $500 iPad, its $180 price tag isn’t too unreasonable. [Scosche via Cnet]

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