Do you remember back when having a cellular phone was cool? This was back before everyone had them.

If you are going for a more unique look, you could go with this Secret Agent Phone Holder. It is worn like a real FBI-style holster, around the shoulder and across the back.

You could definitely look like some sort of cop or cool officer of the law like the the guy in the picture. The handlebar mustache is actually included, that is self-adhesive for the 70′s Starsky and Hutch appeal. I don’t know if the app to create a badge is included.

Here is a problem that I see with this: you will probably be stopped at airport security. Can you imagine the nervous TSA agent when you try and get your phone past security? The Secret Agent Phone Holder signals one thing to me: concealed weapon.

Still, I like the idea of having a place to put my smartphone. I just don’t really like putting it in my front pocket, as I always feel like I am going to shatter the screen by sitting down.

Normally, this is the point in report where I say where you can buy it and the price. I don’t see that on my Source.


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