Secret Passageways, Origami Sculptures, and More We’re giving you plenty of gorgeous gifts this week. There’s a dreamy bungalow in Brazil, some stylish magnets, a handsome juicer, and much more in this round of the most beautiful items we’ve seen lately.

Secret Passageways, Origami Sculptures, and More Your Refrigerator Will Thank You For Adorning It With These Stylish Magnets

Normally, refrigerator magnets are the exclusive territory of kitschy mementos of past vacation destinations, pictures of kids that may or may not be yours, and the jumble of random words you use to assemble hilarious sentences. But the supremely tasteful snug.magnets may usher in a new era of refigerator art. More

Secret Passageways, Origami Sculptures, and More The Same Architectural Concepts Keeping the Taj Mahal Upright Make This Table Strong

If you’ve ever visited the Taj Mahal in India, stood on your head, and thought its unique design and tall spires would make for a lovely upside-down table, you’re not alone. The designers at Studio Job thought the same thing, and went ahead and built one. More

Secret Passageways, Origami Sculptures, and MoreThese Whimsical Origami Sculptures Fold Themselves

Usually origami calls to mind paper swans, but these meticulous sculptures by father-son duo Martin and Erik Demaine will make you completely rethink folded paper art. This is self-folding, pre-creased origami. Yes, it’s wonderfully nerdy. But it’s also a looker. More

Secret Passageways, Origami Sculptures, and MoreYou’ve Been to This Brazilian Bungalow—In Your Imagination

Imagine yourself sitting on this porch along these serene green waters, sipping a caipirinha, lush jungle and mountains behind you. It’s like you were one of the castaways on Gilligan’s Island, but Mr. Howell still had access to his fortune and his resources, and he poured a fraction of it into this beautiful riverbank bungalow in Itaipava, Brazil. More

Secret Passageways, Origami Sculptures, and MoreEat From Bamboo Cutlery So Graceful, It Looks Like It Was Designed by an Aeronautical Engineer

Designer Makoto Koizumi might not be an aeronautical engineer, but the organic flowing curves of his bamboo Minotake cutlery set look makes it look like they started life as a revolutionary new propeller design. More

Secret Passageways, Origami Sculptures, and MoreYou Have to Pass Through a Secret Passageway to Find This Amazing Home

This São Paulo home features a lush, wide open backyard and a long pool that runs the entire length of it. But to get there, you have to go through a nondescript concrete door on a corner. More

Secret Passageways, Origami Sculptures, and MoreIf All Juicers Looked This Great, More People Would Probably Make Their Own Fresh-Squeezed OJ

Jack LaLanne probably wouldn’t have approved, and certain green juice enthusiasts likely don’t either, but it’s hard to imagine having a cooler juicer than Natalia Coll’s Edwin juicer. More

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