If you are a huge fan of golfing, and practice your swings religiously, surely you are always on the lookout for something better to help reduce your overall score. It can be said that the game of golf does subscribe to the adage “practice makes perfect” in some way, but not 100%. After all, once you have conditioned your muscles to swing in a certain way, correcting or improving that swing could prove harder than expected.

Well, good thing there are tools out there which might help you improve your swing to a reasonable level. We are looking at the £49.99 SensoGlove, where it was specially constructed from ground up to help you improve your game. After all, the right grip goes a long way in the make up of a perfect swing, and a slight miscalculation or overexertion of strength might send the ball flying far from where you intended.

To put things in a nutshell, the SensoGlove is proud to be the first and only golf glove that sports built-in sensors. These sensors will go about reading the pressure of your grip constantly, where all information will be relayed to an on-board computer which will send a warning whenever your grip ends up like that of Emperor Palpatine’s – which is too tight, thanks to a system of beeps and visuals.

It is hoped that the SensoGlove will slowly but surely condition you to stop gripping your clubs far harder than you need to, resulting in a smoother and more consistent swing so that your resulting scores will tumble just like Humpty Dumpty. There are sensors built right inside every finger, with the SensoGlove’s LCD display letting you know just which finger is working too hard.

Even better is the SensoGlove’s ability to read your grip pressure whenever you address your swing, letting you change and adapt from old ways at it happens, without having to recreate such situations. Talk about neat!

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