Sexy Gifts for Kink-Curious NewlywedsYou finally found that special someone, settled down, and tied the knot. This is the one person you’re going to be having sex with from here to eternity. Here are ten gifts to add some kinky spice to forever.

Sexy Gifts for Kink-Curious Newlyweds

1. Lust Dust Edible Body Powder

Flavored lube? You can sweeten the goo all you want, but in the end, you’ve still got a mouth full-o’-lube. Ew. Go with mild honey Lust Dust instead. It’s all natural, and it actually tastes good. (Trust us.) Sprinkle a little on your partner and let the buffet begin. Flavors include honey vanilla, and chocolate strawberry. $8.50 [Good Vibrations]

Sexy Gifts for Kink-Curious Newlyweds

2. Bound To Please Bondage Tape

Tying up your partner can be very sexy. Using tape that tears at the skin and hair: not so sexy. Super-strong, reusable PVC bondage tape to the rescue! This stuff only sticks to itself, which means you can focus on the good pain. Rock this tape while you get your world rocked. $8 [Good Vibrations]

Sexy Gifts for Kink-Curious Newlyweds

3. Intro to Cosplay

Role-playing can keep things interesting, but it’s OK if you’re a little self-conscious. That’s what costumes are for! Props, wigs, make-up, Star Wars garb—these do a lot of the acting for you. Our favs are classics like the naughty nurse and the hunky fireman. If you’re willing to shell out to go all out, the options are endless. $20-$$$ [Yandy and CooCoo City]

Sexy Gifts for Kink-Curious Newlyweds

4. Sensua Suede Whip

This little cat-o’-nine tails flogger is like S&M training wheels for people who might like a little pain with their pleasure: it’s easy to make it sting, but difficult to accidentally, er, do any serious damage. Plus, the suede tresses are perfect for gently teasing before KER-SMACK! $44 [Good Vibrations]

Sexy Gifts for Kink-Curious Newlyweds

5. Black Label Liberator Shapes

Experiment with the Kama Sutra by reclining, bending, etc. on these comfy foam ramps. Different positions open the door to new angles, which in turn reveal new alphabetically-named spots to stimulate. Includes washable cover with cuff anchors. $115. [Good Vibrations]

Sexy Gifts for Kink-Curious Newlyweds

6. Berried Alive

This is low-tech lust. Get a bowl of juicy berries and crush them onto your partner’s body. Lap up the juices. You’ll make an incredible erotic mess of the bed sheets, but you’ll pass out with a sweet grin on your face, too. *MP* [The grocery or a bush] Image credit: Shutterstock/Teresa Olson

Sexy Gifts for Kink-Curious Newlyweds

7. The Multi-Orgasmic Couple

Think tantric sex is all woo-woo and hippy-dippy? Check out this East-meets-West introduction. The wisdom contained in these pages may very well lead to his and her multiple-orgasm sessions of the brain-exploding variety. You can even get it as an e-book—but maybe it’s prudent to keep this knowledge away from that pricey tablet. $12 [Amazon]

Sexy Gifts for Kink-Curious Newlyweds

8. The Gift of Porn

Some couples like to watch other couples doin’ it to get them in the mood for doin’ it. Introducing porn into the equation can be a little dodgey, though. Your best bet is to start with something classy to test the waters. Consider Viv Thomas’ high-production-value sexiness. $24/mo sub. [Viv Thomas]

Sexy Gifts for Kink-Curious Newlyweds

9. Screaming O Vibrating Cock Ring

Fact: A large percentage of women cannot reach orgasm during intercourse without additional clitoral stimulation. It’s not you—it’s anatomy. A vibrating cock ring might just do the trick. It provides A LOT of extra stimulation for everyone involved. If there are no cocks in your marriage, you can get finger vibrators and tongue vibrators, too. $8 [Good Vibrations]

Sexy Gifts for Kink-Curious Newlyweds

10. Sportsheets Door Jam Sex Sling

Having sex mid-air is phenomenal. Maybe you can hold your partner off the ground for a few minutes, but why not get something to hold your partner for you. Skip the fancy sex swings and try this cheap one that slips onto your door frame and then disappears under the bed. $30 [Amazon]

Still haven’t found the right present? Don’t worry, we’re here all month with a new gift guide every day—right up until the last minute. To see ’em all, head on over to #GiftGuide.

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