Shazam Player: Have an iPhone Sing-A-LongWe all sing-a-long to our favorite songs. Maybe it’s in the car. Maybe it’s in the shower. Maybe it’s at your company’s karaoke party and you’re trying your best to sing Once Bitten, Twice Shy even though you don’t really like the song. Wherever you’re singing, there’s a good chance you’re singing it wrong. Here’s an app that’ll fix that and save you from the occasional “Hold me closer, Tony Danza.”

The Shazam Player looks to replace the iPod app on your iPhone with an app that shows you the lyrics of the song you’re currently listening too. Called LyricPlay, the feature attempts to find the lyrics to all the songs on your iPhone. When a compatible song is played, the app shows the lyrics to that song in real-time so you can sing along.

I like singing but I’m sure I’m singing all the lyrics wrong. This is a solution to that problem. Upon initial launch, the app scans your music library and determines which songs are compatible. After that, you’re good to go. Unfortunately, there’s no search field in the LyricPlay list view. So you’re stuck flicking until you end the song you want to hear/sing. Still the real-time lyrics are fun and I’ll finally figure out what the hell Kurt Cobain was saying.

Shazam Player

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