Every once in a while I see a luxury item that is so cool that I wish that I had thought of it. Then I usually wish I could have it.

It is this shower with a built-in aquarium that is making be particularly green with envy today. It is created by an Italian bathroom fixture manufacturer named Cesana, and no two of these fish tank showers (Plano Acquario) look exactly alike.

I once heard that watching fish can calm you down, so perhaps watching them in a hot and refreshing shower will be especially nice. I can’t help but wonder how the hot water will affect the temperature of the tank, but I’m sure this has been figured out.

By the way, Cesana does this same designs with a greenhouse, so you can view some plants if you don’t want to see fish. If you don’t want to see fish, plants, or anything of nature, you can always opt for a TV to be put there, the company does that too.

I don’t have a price, but there is something that you should know: the fish tank can be viewed on both sides. Think of it like the fish tank from Finding Nemo. I don’t have a price on this, but you know what they say about “if you have to ask…”

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